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  • We Want More Anda Shami

    The Anda Shami deserves more respect! So with lots of Dhaba/roadside style restaurants springing up, we have seen a comeback of several of our street/everyday foods- Samosas, jalebis, daal chawal, parathas- but somehow the Anda Shami seems to have been neglected. I personally have so much respect for the Anda Shami! Bear with me. There was a time I was nutrition nut- I used to make sure each meal was balanced and I remember that when I found nothing, Anda Shami would be my go to; it had its fair share of protein, carbs, fat, and with the salad on the side, it really is a Rockstar at checking boxes. Secondly, it is priced so well, never above Rs.100, it’s one of the only meals that is so fulfilling in that price (daal chawal being a close second). Then thirdly, who are we kidding, it is super yummy! So yea, that’s pretty much all one can expect from a good meal, affordability, nutrition and taste! What I do miss is sometimes being able to order it in a regular restaurant. Sure there is value in eating in your car or standing by the roadside, but really, sometimes at restaurants when everyone is ordering their pastas and steaks, I do crave an Anda Shami most. My favorite is the one you get in Mini Market Lahore. What’s Yours?

    by  Marya Javed

    September 19, 2018

  • Jalebi is Bae

    Jalebi ki tarha terha? Or Jalebi Bai? Well, a jalebi has a place in people’s hearts and metaphors, in the subcontinent either way. It is the most loved dessert snack in Pakistan, especially during Ramazan. Our local doughnut if you will, it’s fried, its crispy and served hot (when not soaked in milk and had cold). I suppose it’s loved because it is so unpretentious, so accessible. You will see it at roadside stalls as well as in five start hotel buffets. You will see it being cooked live at weddings and served in boxes at sweet shops. You can buy it in any quantity and at any price point- I am not sure how many other local delicacies can we say that for? Usually orange in color (come to think of it, why haven’t we tried others?), what does vary is the type. There’s the thick deep fried Grato, which is expensive but a twist on the traditional jalebi that people have come to love. There are several thin varieties that seem to be a bigger favorite. In Islamabad the best ones are at Chicachino. Then there’s the in between- not Grato and not paper thin. In this category my favorite is Jamil Sweets. Not many people have tried it, I have, so I know that they are also incredibly easy and fun to make at home as well! You can find the recipe online. The most fun part? Turning and twisting the batter to make your own kind of jalebi!

    by  Marya Javed

  • The Remanence Experience

    If you’re from Islamabad then you maybe also looking for new restaurants and cafes to spend the weekends at after a hectic week or perhaps celebrate a friend’s birthday. Well right in the middle of Islamabad I found a new restaurant located in Beverly center. We’re all aware of how cool Beverly center is since it has a number of pricey restaurants. Well this is the catch. The place i found is not too pricey and yet gives you a good ambiance and service. Remanence is a bar and grill cafe which offers a number of Italian delicacies and continental dishes along with cocktails and smoothies. I won’t lie, i secretly wanted to go this Chinese place next door but i told myself to gather some guts and try the new eatery. Well the ambiance was everything we all can ever want. Pretty indoor and the place looked neat and sharp with a touch of modernism. Without wasting time we gave our first priority to the elephants running around in our hungry tummies! Ordered the deux stuffed chicken. Oh my the variety in the plate itself was overwhelming. The chicken fillets were prepared with special care i could see from the tenderness. The jalapeno mushroom cheese sauce along was pretty good aswell. The combination of a cheesy chicken fillet with a honey mustard sauce covered chicken made me more than happy to nibble at the very last bite. Side vegetables were sauteed and flavorful aswell. Not to forget the buttery mashed potatoes. Who can say no to mashed potatoes, right? Second came the sundry fried chicken. Cooked to perfection with a complimenting sauce on top was a winner for us. Thirdly, i stole some of my friend’s parmesan chicken and no like some of our politicians, i did not regret stealing it! The chicken aswell as the cheesy pasta were delectable!

    by  Aila Bhatti

    July 26, 2018