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  • 5 Best Ice Creams in Lahore which is Light on Pockets

    ICE CREEEAAM! The sweet, cold, sometimes nutty but always smooth and creamy dessert. Water is already dripping from my mouth. Ice cream lovers are everywhere of all ages and they just love it when it is exactly what they want. Everyone is in search of the perfect scoop of delicious ice cream. You can have the experience of your lifetime here at Lahore, because they produce the best ice creams ever. Leave all the internationally renowned ice cream chains that has opened in Pakistan. Trust me they just cost more with not something extraordinary. So why not just look at what we have in store of amazing ice creams in Lahore. Sweet Affairs Location: 1 A/P, Gulberg II, Lahore. The amazing range of flavors with a good serving size and a lot of topping of your choice if you want. They also serve Keto Ice cream. Isn’t this great?! Cosa Nostra Location: 23 A, Block H, Gulberg II, Lahore. They have got the amazing chocolate flavors of ice cream. Talk about toblerone, after eight or any other; they have got it so nicely churned in that you thoroughly enjoy it. The Sweet Factory Location: The Sweet Factory, Street 10, DHA, Lahore. What to say about this amazing ice cream parlor in Lahore. It is the ice cream parlor that started charcoal ice cream with gold leaf in Pakistan. It has a nice balance of flavors in its ice cream. GOOD NEWS! For all who are on diet can also enjoy the KETO Ice Cream available here. Myne’s Ice Cream Available at Dessert Directory in DHA and Swirl in Johar Town. This women is the pioneer of the homemade Ice Cream business. Has a wide and unique range of ice cream flavors which are also available in family serving size. She does something really extra ordinary with ice cream. Jay Bee’s Ice Cream Location: Jay Bee’s, DHA, Lahore. Here is the ice cream you don’t want to miss. Amazing ice cream flavors with wide range of toppings. A truly delightful experience. Above all it costs so minimal. Do let me know if you have already tried some of these and how was your experience. I just LOOOVVEE them all. Cannot decide which one is better than other. Have a happy and sweet experience.

    by  Tini Bites

    December 9, 2018

  • From Breakfast to Dinner, in Islamabad

    Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan has known to be dry when it comes to food by rival food giants Lahore and Karachi. Thankfully, this has changed! This blog will elaborate a day in eating from one of the yummiest eateries in the city from dawn to dusk. Let’s begin. Breakfast Burning Brownie This amazing coffee shop serves breakfast, desserts and amazing coffees. For breakfast my pick is a good old omelette which they managed to make so finger licking good, it deserves to be mentioned here. The omelette is beautifully cooked with cheese and spices served along with sausage, potatoes, bread and green salad to provide an uplifting way to start the day. This place is most preferable to me because of their excellent customer service, ambiance and taste compared to other eateries. Lunch Street Burger After frantically searching for authentic, tasty and not heavy on the body or the pocket burger, Street Burger won my heart. ALL their burger are fantastic, ALL OF THEM. Excellent customer service. Will not trade this experience for any other unless another joint manages to beat this eatery. Snacks Cocoa Palette Bumping into this small bakery and café has made life so much sweeter, and better. Their red velvet and chocolate cupcakes are a steal, at RS120, which is amazing. Chicken lasagne, chocolate mousse is also favourites among their other items too. So reasonably priced, but over reasonably tasty! Dinner Yum Chinese and Thai Hands down to the best Chinese in town. So good, so good, it is mind blowing. The restaurant is located in F7/-2, offers fresh food, without ajinomoto which complements the experience of eating and knowing we are not eating harmful Chinese salt. Their chicken chowmein is the star of the show, no other Chinese restaurant could replace it. Chicken fried rice, beef chilli dry and chicken with almonds are sophisticated in their own way.. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out these super cool eateries unless you want your taste buds to miss out on some super yummy delicacies.

    by  Fatima Baig

    December 3, 2018

  • Best Dessert Places in Lahore

    Are those sugar cravings calling you again and you just can’t resist? It’s important to know the right places to curb your cravings to save yourself from a disappointment that is not so easy to get over. To make it easy for you we did some thorough research and shortlisted some places in Lahore you can definitely try out for dessert. Dessert Directory Did you know that Dessert Directory houses more than ten home based patisseries? Each dessert is handcrafted and presented with immaculate perfection. Once you enter the bakery, you find yourself completely mesmerized by the display from cakes to cookies, cupcakes to macaroons, all laden up in beautiful colors and absolutely drool-worthy flavors.  It definitely gets very hard to decide what to pick but whatever you try, you are definitely coming back for more. Sweet Affairs If you love innovative desserts than this name definitely needs no introduction to you.  One of the pioneers in customized cakes; this place is a great combination of casual and fine dining.  Firmly encouraging of the idea that you should start your day with a dessert, there is nothing this place doesn’t serve.  Their molten lava cake is one of the best you will have in Lahore. Hot Spot When we say chocolate chips cookie dough crowned with scoops of ice cream lined with thick dribbles of chocolate sauce, does Hot Spot come in your mind? Because no one does innovative desserts better than Hot spot. The combination of a warm gooey brownie and a chilled scoop of ice cream was invented here. In a nutshell! There is nothing not to love about Hot Spot, as they surely know how to entertain your eyes and your taste buds. Sweet Tooth Starting as an ice cream parlor, Sweet Tooth has created a big place for itself in a short period of time with high quality and excellent taste. If you love experimenting with food, this place is for you. From coming up with a chocolate burger and chocolate gol gappay to making monster shakes a thing, Sweet Tooth has surely given Lahoris a new favourite dessert place. With a new branch in old Lahore that gives exuberant views of the Badshahi mosque, Sweet Tooth should definitely be visited. Butler’s Chocolate Café Contemporary in it’s décor and warm in the ambience, Butler’s Chocolate café is a chocolate lover’s heaven. The first thing that strikes you when you walk in is the luscious chocolate aroma.  Their signature hot chocolate and Hazelnut chocolate shake is a must try. If you are a fan of Molten Lava cake than this place will serve you right.

    by  ChowKey